photo by Mariah Robertson

photo by Mariah Robertson

tanner wayne blount - atl, ga

I am a freelance photo stills/motion producer. & Film photographer. I've always been engulfed by photos & art. Using various mediums to express my feels, since I was just a little one. I'm in the best spirits while on set/location with a cohesive team, executing beautiful work for happy clients. Seeing a production through pitch to publication is blissfully rewarding. And I withhold the skills to knock it out swiftly, shout out all my beautiful mentors that got me this far.

The opportunities that jump started my career in photo/motion production for fashion clients in the greatest city ever, really awoke this creative side of myself I never explored. Gaining those commercial clients helped furthermore grow my professionalism and portfolio. NYC has been the most epic time of my life thus far. One day soon I will return to the city but for now I'm enjoying living nearby family, with the roots. Being a starving artist in the city will always be appealing oddly enough. However, being focused somewhere I'm extremely comfortable is next level cool.

"If you want me, you can find me in the A"  -Outkast

Continuing onward and upward in my life journey of thoughtful creation & self exploration. Always keen to connect, create, & push/be pushed [by] other artist worldwide. Accepting bookings for production needs, inquire for rate, check the clients tab for my published work.

I also keep bar a couple days a week. I adore my grandmother. A superb dog dad. 

Shoot me an emaillets meet up & talk.